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Preparation of Expert Family Law Reports

Coshaw Consulting provides a range of interventions in the Family Law context. These include Child Impact Assessments and Family Reports.

A Child Impact Assessment provides the Court with initial information and experiences of the children in the context of the dispute about parenting arrangements. The Child Impact Report will consider issues such as your children’s experience of the parenting dispute, their development, their relationships and the presence of any risk factors.

A Family Report is an independent family assessment that assists you and the court in making decisions about the children and is generally ordered when a case is progressing to a final hearing. The Family Report writer will consider the children’s experiences and development, the family circumstances and other issues relevant to the case. The Family Report writer makes recommendations for arrangements that will best meet the children’s future care, welfare and developmental needs.

Child Inclusive Mediation

In Child Inclusive Mediation your child or children will meet with one of our experienced child consultants to explore the impact of the parental separation on them. The child consultant will also discuss the child’s wishes and views in relation to future parenting arrangements and consider their developmental needs. The child consultant attends the mediation to provide feedback to the parents and the mediator about the children’s experience, views and wishes and developmentally appropriate parenting arrangements with a view to resolving the dispute through child focused parenting arrangements.

Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferences are a way to help families to increase the safety and wellbeing of children. The conferences can be used to address either the care of the child or a specific issue that may be impacting on the wellbeing of the child. Kim is a qualified family group conference convener who, in conjunction with an organising agency brings family members together to make a plan for their child or young person, through building on people’s strengths and supporting families to overcome challenges.

Independent Assessments

Coshaw Consulting provides independent comprehensive assessments in matters concerning the safety and wellbeing of children. These assessments include, but are not limited to, Guardianship, Foster Care (assessments and reviews), parenting capacity assessments, relative kinship carer assessments and assessments of specific issues relevant to the Children’s Court. Kim is a qualified step-by-step assessor.